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About Thanvin

As a Senior UX Designer at Myant, I design digital solutions as part of our wearable tech offering. I'm familiar with applying Agile methodologies to medical device development, leading to a successful Class II Software as a Medical Device clearance. I also co-manage a talented design team, advancing the UX maturity at the company.

My past experience includes leading the end-to-end UX at a govt. funded data-tech startup, Abode Atlas. Prior to UX, I freelanced as a designer for Perimeter Medical Imaging and Hologic, where my visuals were key in advancing their surgical suite products to market.

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My journey to UX

Kickstarted my creativity

Found my knack and love for design through CyberARTS, a secondary school arts-tech program that fosters budding creatives.

Explored my passion for science

Graduated from the University of Toronto in 2016, focusing on biological sciences and honing skills in gathering and analyzing data, forming hypotheses, and testing.

Integrated science and design

Worked with Perimeter Medical Imaging and Hologic, producing animations and diagrams integral to their products’ success.

"Thoroughly enjoyed working with Thanvin on several projects. His professionalism and skill sets are first class. Always available and open to feedback and interacts very well with the entire project group. His ability to get it right the first time has great impact on project timelines and demonstrates that he pays close attention to your needs."

Andrew Berkeley, Co-founder
Perimeter Medical Imaging, Toronto, ON

"Thanvin worked with us on medical animations for a specimen micro-CT system. He has excellent graphical and animation skills and delivered the content in a prompt manner. Even though we worked remotely he was able to understand our requirements and deliver a quality result."

Ciaran Purdy, R&D Director
Hologic, Tucson, AZ

Branching to UX

I leveraged my experience to branch out in 2020, and led the UX development at Abode Atlas on a 6-mo. contract. In 2022, I joined Myant where we're driving innovation in wearable tech for the medical industry.

"Having worked with Thanvin before, I was confident in his ability to lead the UX for our project. He quickly grasped housing sector concepts, mapped out next steps, and carried out project milestones with ease. Aside from his excellence as a UX designer, I valued his empathetic nature during engagement sessions, and in lending a hand to any teammate who needed it. Thanvin will continue to truly be an asset to any team he joins."

Jing Guo, Project Lead
Abode Atlas Technologies, Toronto, ON

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